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Animation Selfstudy:

Here is an animation-warm up i did on my newly ecquipped Cintiq. It is great fun and a super efficient way to animate.

Another animation with Dialogue. 

This time I had to play with the camera. I will do a proper render at some point, but I jumped on to a new assignment so it will have to wait.

The female rig is called Mery, created by  José Manuel García Alvarez and Antonio Méndez Lora.
Thanks a lot guys!
The male rig is Tom, created by Long Winter Studio

This guy just had his first kiss, and is eager to try some more :)

 Character Designs for upcomming Animation assignments

 Shayla and Dad:

Here is two friends. The time is set in Medieval Germany, They're recruited as Landsknechts, which explains their colorful clothing.

Here goes a Viking:

And finally an Ape:

Here is a drawing from a logo. In the original logo there is text surrounding and combining the composition.

Quadroped Assignment

This project was developed by Casper Christensen and Troels Brusen, as a VFX pipeline training. I did the animation, sound and helped designing the creature. Casper did the modeling, rigging, comp. Thank you very much Casper for a wonderful time! -It looks great!
Here is a walk cycle i did before the animation above to get to know the character.

Sparetime Enjoyment

So Aron Blaise (director of Brother Bear,Disney) checked by the Animation Workshop, and inspired me to paint. :) He loves nature and just wanted to be an animal painter, but became an awesome animator for a while at Disney instead. Now he is doing both - what a life :P
This could have been much better, but I just wanted to paint and skipped the planning stage. I learned a lot.

Color Class

Color can seem important  but its nothing without great use of values.

This week there was time for experimenting. Going from actual paint to "pixels" with the knowledge of mixing colors was crucial. I now have a greater understanding of colors, and have much to learn and much joy ahead of me on that account. Here's a little scene from my angle on the Red Riding Hood:
Click picture to enlarge

First we had an Acrylic paint-course to learn how to mix colors and use them properly. It took some time, and I still haven't got it, but I feel moving in a good direction.

Moving to Photoshop allowed me to experiment more with the color thumbs.
A.) was  how i wanted it beside the red version above.
B.) I wanted to push it and see if I could make it look good with crazy colors. It feels weird,  but the values  feels right? :) Colors are cool man!

Design Class

We are learning the basic principles of pictures, composition-vice and use of elements. This week we had 1 day pr. assignment ca. -and once again our teacher Lawrance gave us some new taste for the sauce:

Here are shown 2 of the greatest assignments:

Venice and Zombie Pirates -click to enlarge

Fairy city


Rarely i open the sketchbook, as I'm focusing on improving skills using the schools assignments and evening classes. But sometimes I have a half an hour and I go exploring whats inside my head, but only to have fun.

Enjoying a good pencil to a good movie, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Some concepts for a comic in development :

We have got a new sketchbook from the school, and I would love to introduce you to my drawings from the two past weeks.I'm working on some characters for a nice fairytale comic that I plan to make as a spare-time project, therefore all these trolls in the bottom, ;)

-As we had an intro course at the Animation Workshop where our group chose Vietnam war-theme for the film I just had to make some soldiers with some nice equipment :)

And some assets for the fairytale:

...To be continued!

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