Wednesday, August 17, 2011

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My name is Troels Brusen, I’m currently studying Character Animation at The Animation Workshop in Viborg, Denmark. My goal is to be a part of a funny environment producing high-quality film. I love developing characters and give them life. I enjoy action comics and is working on a story, part time when I'm not doing animation.
The past year I have been teaching Animation at Odense Fagskole, plus been an animator on "Natfødt" -a graduation movie produced at “the National Film School of Denmark”.

Personal Info
Troels Brusen
+45 51 969 552
22 years old, I live in Viborg, Denmark

Relevant work and education:

-Animator on “Natfødt” director: Troels Cederholm "The national film school of                                            Denmark"
-Teacher: Comic and arts for children at Fyns Kunst Museum
-Teacher: “Animation line” at Odense Fagskole. – Some Introductions in classic animation for HF-students and continuation schools.
- Animator: King Bee Animation: Flash; music video.
Freelance: Logos and graphic: Frenzy Kitchen, Mesterslagteren, 
OUH (Odense Universitets Hospital).

2007                  Substitute-teacher; ”Børneskolen: Animation” at Odense Fagskole


2012-                 Character Animation at “The Animation Workshop”.

2007-2010;       The Gymnasium (stx) at Odense Katedralskole

2006-2007;       Odense Fagskole – Animation as faculty

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Character Animator Troels Brusen